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Climate & Culture

Parents and visitors must sign in and put on a visitor badge in the office as you first enter the building.  

Our school believes in creating a warm, welcoming and safe place for our students and staff. We have adopted the Positive Behavior Intervention and Support (PBIS) framework to help us think about the social, emotional and behavioral needs for students. Our building behavior team meets regularly to plan, implement and monitor the most up to date research based practices. If you would like to participate on our PBIS team, please reach out to Mr. DeWeber or Mrs. Teshera. 

To learn more about PBIS, visit /teaching-learning/pbis

  • Be Respectful
  • Be Responsible
  • Be Safe

Bus Rider Expectations

Be Safe Be Responsible Be Respectuful

Back to Back & Seat to Seat
Feet on Floor Facing Forward 

5 Minutes before at Bus Stop
5 Big Steps Back from Roadway
Follow Drivers Directions at All Times
Food Free Zone Go Directly to your Seat Classroom Voice Zone
Silence at and during RxR Crossing Get on /off bus at your Designated Stop Get on /off bus at your Designated Stop
Treat Each Other with Kindness
Cross only in Front of Bus Keep Yourself & all your items inside your Backpack and Seat Space Hands & Feet to Yourself
Skateboards/Glass and Any Oversized item Free Zone Missed Bus or Home Bound Bus,
Go Directly Home
Respect Each Others Space

Before and After School Expectations

Be Safe Be Responsible Be Respectuful
Wait quietly Use crosswalks Be patient waiting for the bell
Stay on sidewalk Keep backpack with you Talk politely to everyone
Using Walking Feet Breakfast eaters go immediately to breakfast Allow younger students to go first
Use appropriate voice levels inside and outside the building Walkers meet parents or siblings and walk straight home Help younger students
Listen to adult directions Bus riders walk through both solariums and line up on the bus lines Walk on your right side always this means sidewalks, through doors, and by people
Wait for lines to pass and avoid cutting through class lines or students lines Students picked up by parents in cars go directly to the covered play area Follow the directions of our Safety Patrol

Skyline Hallway and Breezeway Expectations

Be Safe Be Responsible Be Respectuful
Respect property Be on time Walk at all times
Use quiet voice Stay to the right Use walkways
Keep hands to self and be respectful of personal space Don’t disrupt classes Enter doors on your right
Silent shoes (no squeaking) Model good behavior for others Hold doors for those behind you
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